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MicrO is off the menu for the WOC2006!
18.10.2005 | zobrazení 3282
K dohodě mezi pořadateli MS a TV2 nakonec nedošlo (neshodli se na financování) a tak se premiéra MicrO odkládá na neurčito.

Prohlášení pořadatelů WOC 2006:

The IOF Council decision made in Japan states that the implementation of the MicrO concept in the Middle Distance at next year’s World Orienteering Championships is conditioned upon an agreement of comprehensive TV coverage, which was to be signed before October 1st. The possibility of extended TV coverage involved cooperation between the organizers and the two Nordic TV channels, Danmarks Radio and TV2 Norge. The practical negotiations were positive and at the original deadline the only outstanding iissue was the financing. Unfortunately even though the deadline was prolonged it has not been possible to find the funds to fully cover the additional costs.

Therefore we, the WOC 2006 organizers have informed the IOF that MicrO will not be put into practice at next year’s WOC. It is with regret that we take this decision – we believe that cooperation between TV channels from orienteering countries is a necessity if our sport is to be shown frequently on TV in the future. However, WOC 2006 still has a contract with the n ational TV broadcasting company Danmarks Radio and will continue to work hard to secure high quality broadcasts from all four finals. Furthermore we hope to maintain a good working relationship with the Norwegian TV2 even if MicrO is no longer in the picture.

To all those people involved in this process we thank you for your efforts and hope that you will continue to do your best for our great sport.

The WOC 2006 Organizing Committee

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