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Future WOC boycott? Rather influence your federation opinion now!
14.11.2011 | zobrazení 4589
Worlds elite! As the IOF has recently asked the member federations for their feedback on the WOC in the Future project, now we´ve got the real chance to influence the output! Talk to your federations, try to ensure that the issue is handled seriously, by well informed, concerned persons. Every single nation is important! The deadline for the feedback is january 15th, 2012.

This appeal goes especially to the "smaller" orienteering nations! Why? Because we need MOST of the nations to influence the result, either in this round or at the general assembly.

With all respect, quite many of the federation officials (general assembly participants), especially from "smaller" nations, are not properly informed about elite orienteering issues. Some of them may just lack a feedback from you. But their votes have then a crucial impact on what you the national team runners will face at the international scene in the future... Be aware of that!

The genesis of the WOC in the Future issue has already become quite a big story. You can find more about that e.g. at For now, let´s keep it simple:

Check the IOF´s proposal. (Note that the content of the suggestion has been modified a bit compared to what has been the issue in september.)

Consult your opinion with your team mates and your federation.

Take part in the feedback-giving process!

Get sure that the feedback will be given.

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