satisfied group from OL gymnasium Eksjö, Sweden, may 2009
satisfied group from OL gymnasium Eksjö, Sweden, may 2009


Taste our exciting rocky sessions, designed by czech national team coach Radek Novotný.

.: Check what we have done in some of the previous camps.

.: PRAGUE EASTER - traditional yearly 3D event organised by Kotlarka Praha in Doksy area


Someone may still remember the WOC 1972 in Staré Splavy or World Cup final 1994 near Jičín. Or you may have run the once famous czech 5-days or recently Bohemia 5-days or Prague Easter. Then you may also remember the black dots, dashes, blots and dumplings - there were plenty of them on the maps. Rocks, in this case of SANDSTONE - tons of sand turned into stone and exposed after the prehistoric sea had left the area.

Nowadays, these rocky formations offer not just a beautiful sight, but also countless attractive places for control point placement. Together with complicated relief and often steep slopes the sandstones turn the orienteering into a unique experience. Thanks to the generally excellent runability the running feels pleasant. However, for the elite performance you need to be strong and clever, as the areas will put you under complex inspection. Alike in every kind of orienteering terrain, also in the sandstones you can find a couple of very special features which are worth to handle. This training camp should disclose most of them.


.: the centre of the training camp is located in the small town of Doksy, just 1h drive from Vaclav Havel International Airport (PRG)

.: the region, also called Máchův kraj (Mácha´s land) after one of famous czech romantic poets, is rich in nature beauties, secretfull corners, romantic castles and memorable sights.

.: the maps around Doksy are often used for trainings of the czech national team and czech o-clubs, as well as various groups from Scandinavia.

.: contact us and book your stay a good time in advance so that we can arrange everything to your full satisfaction
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